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OPA - Goldenwings (1976 - Mp3@128Kbps).

OPA LA LEYENDA una con vida,la mayoria de sus
integrantes siguen en los escenarios.
Publicado el 28 sept. 2012
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OPA - Goldenwings (1976) Full Album
Track Listing
0:00 Goldenwings (Hugo Fattoruso, Jorge Fattoruso)
4:15 Paper Butterflies (Muy Lejos Te Vas) (Rubén Rada)
11:24 Totem (Hugo Fattoruso, Jorge Fattoruso)
16:05 African Bird (Rubén Rada)
21:47 Corre niña (Hugo Fattoruso, Jorge Fattoruso)
27:30 Pieces: Tombo/La Escuela/Tombo/The Last Goodbye (Hugo Fattoruso, Airto Moreira)
32:46 Groove (Hugo Fattoruso, Jorge Fattoruso)

Keyboards. Vocals - Hugo Fattoruso
Drum and Percusion - George "Osvaldo" Fattoruso
Bass, Vocals -- Hugo Ringo Thielmann
Flute, Percussion -- Hermeto Pascoal
Guitar -- David Amaro

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